What is this?

This is a great question – why does this page exist? More to the point, why should you continue reading this?

If you’re here, chances are that you and I have met in real life and are either friends or related to each other. If that’s not the case though, my name is Melissa and I’m 30 years old and originally from New Jersey. A little over 2 years ago I moved to Atlanta for work to take a new position within my company. Because of the relocation, I more or less rebuilt my life down here in the South after leaving everything in NJ behind. At the start I wasn’t quite clear on how I felt about the whole thing. There was quite a bit of ‘what I had gotten myself into’ being thrown around in the back of my head. However, now that I’m on the other side of this little experiment it very clearly was the right choice; I’ve come out of it with some pretty amazing friends and a bunch of experiences that I’ll be retelling stories about for years to come. But all good things must come to an end..

I’ve always been fortunate to have had opportunities fall into my lap with very little doing on my part. When those opportunities have been presented to me, I’ve always gone along with them just because they were there. I am grateful to have been this lucky in my career and certainly don’t regret my decisions to take those chances (they got me to where I am now). But this year I realized that I need to consider what I want instead of just walking through the next door that opens. So in June I resigned from my position without having another job lined up in order to travel long-term and get some clarity on what I want my next move to be. The current plan is flying into Berlin in August and out of Jakarta in April.

Back then to the initial question of why does this blog exist. After reflecting on my move to Georgia in 2017, I realized how interesting it would have been to have kept an account of trying to adapt to life in the South that I could look back on now. I’ve got some facebook posts of course but nothing really to compare myself then to who I am now. In addition, I’ve taken several international trips in past years and have always started off each trip with the goal of writing daily in a travel journal. I usually don’t keep up with it the whole trip but looking through my notes now I realize how much I enjoy rereading those accounts.

So there you have it. 8 months to get from Germany to Indonesia by myself. But first I’ve got to box up my apartment.


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